What to Look for When Buying a Baby Cot? Read Before You Buy One.

Is there any pleasant sight than seeing a just-awakened baby after a good sound sleep? With the correct choice of the baby cot and a vigilant eye, canít we ensure our babies to have a safe and sound sleep? Of course, yes, why not.

Parents want to relax, too!

Often when babies are put to sleep, into a cradle or a cot, you feel relaxed, and try to make optimum use of that time doing some work or relaxing.

In this situation, you should be extremely careful so that accidents related to baby cots are avoided. Never let the baby out of your sight.

How to choose a good baby cot?

We have the liberty of choosing the baby cots as per our choice and safety of our baby, since wide ranges of Baby cots are available nowadays.

  • If the baby cot is made of wood/wrought iron and has thin strips, ensure that the distance between the strips is less than 2 inches. This will avoid the babyís head being trapped in between the strips.
  • Avoid old and used baby cots; there may be chances of cracks, or chipping off of the paint coating. This may harm the baby, if she is teething.
  • Check for pointed surfaces or splinters in a baby cot.
  • You better look into the height of the baby cot, so that she doesnít topple down while standing.
  • The mattresses should partly cover the sides of the baby cot, so that babyís hand and legs donít get trapped into the strips of the baby cot.
  • The size of the baby cot should be such that her feet does not touch the end of the cot and can have enough space for rolling at least once.

Is the baby cot safe enough?

By any chance if the baby is made to sleep on the bed, and you are having a sound sleep, there are chances of the baby rolling and falling down the bed, and getting injured.

An adult bed has bedspreads, pillows lying around. There are chances of the baby being suffocated. So it is better to have a perfect baby cot for our little wonders that bring joy and cheers in our life. The pleasure in seeing a baby sleep is hardly measurable.

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