Kräuchi from ILS Advisers to take over the active management of the HSZ group


Stefan Kräuchi, who founded ILS Advisers, a Hong Kong-based insurance asset management and securities advisory firm, will take over active management of specialist parent company ILS, the investment manager independent HSZ Group.

Kräuchi had already become CEO of HSZ Group in 2014 and also became co-portfolio manager of HSZ China Fund at that time.

But now, as chairman and founder of the HSZ Group, Dr Hansrudolf Schmid, is about to step down from the active management of the company next year for reasons of personal health, Kräuchi will also assume his responsibilities.

Schmid had founded the HSZ group through a management buyout of HSBC Guyerzeller Bank in 2000.

Between 1993 and 2000, Hansrudolf Schmid was a member of the management of HSBC Guyerzeller Bank AG in Zurich, before which from 1989 to 1992 he was a partner of the BZ group in Zurich. He had also previously worked in investment banking at Salomon Brothers, Inc. in New York.

The HSZ group launched the ILS Advisers business unit in 2012, becoming the first unit dedicated to ILS investment management and advice in Asia-Pacific.

Almost a decade later, ILS Advisers is still the only ILS investment specialist headquartered in Asia and has gained unique knowledge of the local region’s investor base and has worked to educate investors on the ILS asset class.

The asset manager also operates an ILS fund of funds strategy, which is designed to match and track the performance of its own ILS Advisers index (which you can see here).

Kräuchi previously worked in a number of asset management and private banking groups including Clariden Leu, UBS and AIG Investments, where he often worked on Insurance Related Securities (ILS) opportunities.

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