Lexicon MILE will offer a certification program on cryptocurrency and financial portfolio management


Lexicon MILE launched a professional certification program on “Basics of Cryptocurrency and Financial Portfolio Management” at the institute.

The Basics of Cryptocurrency and Financial Portfolio Management is one of ten additional certifications provided to all students as part of their management program. All ten certifications have been integrated into the program to create an opportunity for students to learn essential skills that will be an added advantage for their careers and future.

The course introduces and guides new and experienced investors on how to get started with cryptocurrency and financial portfolio management. In this course, students will learn crucial concepts of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin basics, how to manage their financial portfolio, how to make data-driven investment decisions, and much more.

“At Lexicon MILE, we want to make sure our students are aware and educated on all topics. Financial management, smart investments, etc. are subjects on which it is essential to be educated and yet many do not know much about them. However, times are changing and today’s generation is more eager to learn and educate themselves on these topics,” said Jitender Kumar Sharma, Director of Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership and Excellence.

Raj Kapoor, the founder of India Blockchain Alliance, and a financial expert, will lead the program and cover topics such as how to segment your money for different purposes, long and short term savings goals, creating a retirement plan, how to make wise investment decisions, how to protect your money from unforeseen events and much more. The program will focus on using digital resources and adapting to changes in the financial market in the near future.

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