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DENVER, November 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Optevo, the leading provider of collaboration and communication solutions for businesses, has launched its new adaptive work management platform.

The company’s vision for the future of work is driven by a desire to balance customer experience, business success, and work-life balance. Business success stems from a good customer experience, which in turn stems from the best employee experience. Achieving these goals requires an adaptable workspace that gives employees the right resources at all times based on their needs – giving them more time to focus on what they do best while maintaining productivity levels.

With this new version of the product, Optevo has created a hybrid environment that allows your team to increase their personal productivity by using the right resources. We reduce clutter and create a space that allows for easy collaborations, adaptable work styles, time-saving and resource-efficient communication methods.

We are aggressive in our growth, but we are not a company that seeks growth at all costs, “CEO André Guillaume said. “We want to build a business that has an impact on the way people work for the sustainability of the organization and the employee experience. ”

This new tool will be a significant competitive advantage for businesses in the now ubiquitous digital workplace.

About Optevo

Optevo helps individuals and teams get their jobs done by simplifying how and when a workforce commits to doing that work. Based at Denver, Colorado, United States, customers rely on Optevo’s cloud-based software solution to manage everything from organizational initiatives and product launches, customer engagement and critical government multidisciplinary campaigns. Optevo strengthens the foundations of great teamwork, a work culture and customer engagement by removing the complexity of communication and collaborative work. For more information visit www.optevo.com.

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