People management platform Planday partners with innovator WorkerTech Orka to give employees early access to salaries



  • Planday, recently acquired by accounting software giant Xero, can now offer its 350,000 users the earned salary access service Orka Pay
  • Orka Pay allows workers to claim up to 50% of their wages as soon as they complete their shifts
  • Planday also aims to integrate Orka’s other core products into its customer offering in the future, including the Orka Works work-as-a-service platform.

Workforce management platform Planday has partnered with Manchester-based WorkerTech Orka Technology Group, giving over 350,000 employees access to their pay as soon as they earn it.

Planday customers will be able to offer their staff access to up to 50% of their salary in advance via Orka Pay, which will help them meet unexpected expenses during the month and avoid resorting to high-interest loans or credits. The partnership comes during a period of rapid customer growth for both companies and will be Planday’s first formal earned salary access partnership.

Denmark-based open platform Planday provides companies with workforce management solutions that simplify workforce planning, allowing them to better manage payroll and staffing needs. In March, the company was acquired by accounting software giant Xero in its biggest purchase to date, paving the way for further expansion into new markets and accelerating Planday’s partnership program.

Through this partnership, Planday also aims to integrate Orka’s other core products into its customer offering in the future, including the Orka Works work-as-a-service platform. The Orka Works platform is used by over 65,000 people in the security and cleaning industries to find fair and flexible work, and for large employers, makes the process of filling roles and managing HR processes much easier. easier and more profitable.

The Manchester-based company, founded in 2016, is creating a portfolio of technology solutions for frontline workers and their employers, responding to the transition to flexible employment that is happening across many sectors. Earlier this year, the company completed a £3m Series A funding round with Praetura Ventures.

James Doyle, co-founder and COO of Orka, said: “This is a hugely important partnership that will enable thousands of businesses across the UK to offer their staff greater financial freedom during the cost of living crisis through early access to wages, helping to improve employee satisfaction and retention. As these companies continue to face global hiring challenges, this offering will also help them stand out and attract top talent.

“We intend to build on this by becoming long-term innovation partners with Planday and we are very excited about the possibilities this will offer in the future.”

Planday’s Head of Partnerships, Mitchell Walker, commented: “As a leading Earnings Access Partner and an exciting company that shares our mission to make life easier for employers and employees, Orka’s offering is timely for our customers and will help them retain talent at a critical time in the labor market.

“With our partner program rapidly evolving, we look forward to building a long-term strategic partnership with Orka as both companies continue on their very exciting trajectories.”

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