QuickShift: CT Caterer creates innovative and comprehensive personnel management software

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When Marc Weber returned to his alma mater earlier this year, he described his recipe for success. The CIA-Culinary Institute of America Promotion heard its message about the importance of trust and humility.

“It’s important that we have confidence,” Weber told the recipients of associate degrees in culinary arts and baking and pastry arts. “You have to have self-confidence to be a leader. But without humility, it is truly impossible to grow. With that same confidence, Weber and his two partners, Harrison Keefe and Noah Borts, ventured into new territory: software solutions.

“For years, as we operated our ONTHEMARC catering business, we struggled to find a software solution that allow us to manage multiple teams of staff simultaneously“Weber noted.” In order to run multiple corporate events in Manhattan and weddings in Connecticut on the same day, a caterer needs software that can support distributed distribution.
The 2005 CIA graduate built his event business and catering business by providing cutting edge cuisine and the highest quality service to customers and venues in Stamford, CT. The software is called QuickShift and was released after four years of extensive beta testing.

“The work we do to build teams for our events has given us a unique understanding of what it takes to plan and pay our staff,” Weber noted. “Keep in mind that keeping staff happy means getting them paid on time and correctly. In many cases, the taxes that must be deducted for a staff member in Manhattan include both municipal and state taxes. To address both the frustrations of planning our staff and paying our staff, we have designed an all-in-one platform that gives the caterer full control at the touch of a button.

The Weber approach has always been for the greater good. Active in his community, Weber donates food and time to nonprofits and, through his business, provides meals to the homeless. His philanthropy also includes the ONTHEMARC Fellowship for Young Caterers from the ICA.

Quickshift Marc Weber
Marc Weber, founder and owner of QuickShift and ONTHEMARC, addresses the Culinary Institute of America promotion on the college’s New York campus this year. (Photo credit: CIA / Phil Mansfield)

So it’s no surprise that Weber and the QuickShift team made the decision to make the software available to the entire industry, including their competitors, at a fraction of the cost of existing platforms.

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Borts’ software expertise has been key to the development of QuickShift. “Looking at what was used in catering, we saw the use of Excel spreadsheets and Google Drive to track employees and their shift availability,” Borts explained. “QuickShift eliminates hundreds of hours wasted entering information into multiple databases and creating separate reports. We knew that for QuickShift to make sense, we would need an integrated calendar that could keep management and staff informed of upcoming events, ”Borts continued. “The QuickShift calendar synchronizes schedules with Google Calendar, Outlook and Apple Calendar. The key to it all was creating something that was both intuitive and inexpensive to use. “

The QuickShift design team also kept an eye out for changes in the way information is delivered. “We knew catering management had to be mobile and cloud-based,” Borts added. “So with QuickShift you have a platform on which multiple event details can be efficiently retrieved from a smartphone or tablet. “

The goal of QuickShift was to create both pricing and integration that would set a new industry standard. “We achieved both of these goals with a profitable subscription plan,” Weber concluded. “We also guarantee that a caterer will be operational within minutes of installation, all managed by a simple connection. to website QuickShift software.

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